Butterfly Valve
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Butterfly valve is a kind of control valve with simple constructions.The disc revolve around the shaft to

achieve the opening and close.Full open to full close is less than 90 - degree rotation generally.

It is used for the medium air,water,steam and also all kind of corrosive medium,slurry,oil,liquid-metal ect,

and for a function of cut off or throttle.And it has a very good flow control,so it is widely applied in 

Petrochemical industry, metallurgical steel, water treatment, electric power


1.Easy and fast to close and open,small fluid resistance,it is easy operate and can operate frequently
2.Simple construction,small outer diameter,short face to face,small volume,lighten weight,

size can be large size,we can supply the butterfly valves as large as DN6000.
3.The good sealing,zero leakage.
4.The effective circulation area is large and easy to installed