Category: Fluorine Lined Butterfly Valve

Name: PTFE lined Lug type butterfly valve

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PTFE lined Lug type butterfly valve

Through years of field application experience, research and development, we have designed products that meet the stringent requirements of today’s flow control industry. 


•One of the most important features of the butterfly valve is the stem seal. 
The pressure to keep the two sealing surface together is provided by an upper and lower set of belleville spring resulting in a superior stem seal. 

•The elastomer back-up pads behind the liner ensure a tight fit around the disc, giving a bubble tight shut-off at minimum operating torque. 

•The liner provides a wide flange sealing surface. 

•Disc is designed as Vertical Type to reduce fluid resistance and improve to enhance Cv value in DCS systems. 

•The features of Divided-body Design 

•Adapting orientation hole to make the divided-bodies match each other 

•All the divided-bodies could be replaced by others 

•No need extra maintenance after assembling with the pipelines 

•Actuators Assembling, Valves Top Flange and shaft end connection are designed 
according to ISO5211 

•To reduce valve torque, improve sealing 
tightness and furnish, the disc are 
processed by quick-cutting alloy steel 

•Advanced design for all valves connection dimensions, meet with requirements, but also DIN, PN 10/16, ANSI150 JIS 10K. 

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